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You are a mission-driven organization and you need talent fast. There’s no time for experimenting.

This made us rethink recruitment and come up with an innovative solution for startups.


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About Us

Innovative & global

Vega is an innovative global solution for high growth startups and scaleups. We are a hybrid solution that combines the best of executive search, a VP Talent Service and recruitment. Think of us as a full service recruitment arm that augments your current team wherever you need it most.


US Company with a strong presence & network in Europe

Due to our unique locality & strong presence both in Silicon Valley and Europe we have an immense network on both continents.


Vega Team

We are a stellar core team of executive level IT and business professionals from Fortune 500 corporations with deep industry experience spanning Management consulting, Technology, Engineering, Banking, Finance, Telecom, and Healthcare. We have a larger network of 20+ recruitment professionals and agencies globally who support us on demand on certain special projects.

Impeccable. Responsive. Consistent.

... And the Founder

Hi, I’m Noemi, principal at Vega Partners. I have a Phd in Intercultural and Diversity Studies, written a book about Western media landscapes and their impact on consciousness, and scaled two businesses from 0-400 employees. I’m a trained scientist and analyst. Most importantly, I’m a Chief Heart Officer beneath it all.

 As a child in Hungary, I was raised by the minister of a 500 person congregation. Our house was a revolving door for those in need. I became skilled at listening to and reading people to assess who they were, and how I could help them most. 

That’s why, at Vega, we genuinely care about you developing a productive culture, and building whatever you want with a well-aligned, synergistic team. Our approach marries science with human touch to help take your company to new heights, whatever your mission may be. 

While you can measure the results of working with us in dollars (you’ll find us very market competitive and accessible), what you won’t be able to measure is the feeling you’ll get when all your stars align.

I’m excited to meet you and get started.

Noemi & Team Vega

Bring your best work to life,

CEO’s and founders deserve a team that’s driven to realize their vision.

We believe a team of all-star talent that’s fully aligned can make the impact you desire — the impact the world needs.

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